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Welcome to Simel.Coffee

I know your struggles! Having a cafe or a coffee shop, being a roaster isn’t – unfortunately - just about making great coffee...

It’s a lot about being seen out there, creating a strong brand and getting those customers through your doors and to your web- and Social Media pages, too.  

But I’m here to help you boost your coffee business!

I'm the content expert for your coffee business, using tools and techniques for the unique positioning of your coffee brand online.

I work with busy coffee professionals to help them create a strong coffee brand on their website & on social media and making them more visible for potential customers.


Speaking of branding, I'm sure you noticed my logo and brand name - Simel (speak sɪmˈɛl)

What's that about?

Well, if you're a coffee lover like me, you might see there's a coffee flower sitting in the middle.

Simel, my brand name, refers to the latin word 'simul' which means 'together'.

So basically Simel reflects what I'm doing - combining specialty coffee and Marketing.