Hi! I'm Melanie.

And I know exactly what you’re going through! 

Having a cafe, coffee shop or roasting business is not just about selling and serving great coffee.

Consistent customer flow and sales, educating your staff, the competition next door, getting people in, even time management and motivation are real struggles

But I can help!

I work with busy coffee professionals like you to help create a strong coffee brand online and becoming more visible for potential customers with the right content. 


I want everyone who comes into contact with me and my brand to know that a thriving and successful coffee business isn't done overnight.

But, coffee is connecting people, so you yourself are actually the one to start crafting a unique coffee brand!

You know, I'v been there myself, I wanted all that, as well: Having an own Third Wave cafe by turning my passion for Specialty Coffee into an actual business. I wanted to break out of this routine of having a 9-5 office job and do something meaningful - working with coffee and people.

But, I struggled with the big investment in having an own cafe and being all on my own. I felt not quite ready for that step, yet...

Instead I want to help YOU, making your dream of an own coffee business a reality.

I'm your content expert to support you to craft your coffee business with its own unique flavor.

When you're working with me, you'll get

  • tools on branding & positioning your coffee business 
  • tipps & tricks to create striking coffee content for your website & social media
  • strategies for increasing your visibility online
  • and finally more happy and loyal customers. :-)

I’ve got 9+ years of experience as a marketing + communication strategist and 4+ years in specialty coffee.

So, basically, I'm a specialty coffee lover - I'm having all sorts of brewing equipment at home and my favorite souvenir while traveling are coffee beans of local roasters - that happens to be a Content Marketing expert as well.

By the way, if you were wondering already - I'm sure you noticed my logo and brand name Simel (speak sɪmˈɛl) -,

'What's behind your brand name & logo, Melanie?'

Well, if you're a coffee lover like me, you might see there's a coffee flower sitting in the middle. Simel, my brand name, refers to the latin word 'simul' which means 'together'.

So basically Simel reflects what I'm doing - combining specialty coffee and Marketing.

What you don't get, when you're working with me

  • advices on finding the perfect location,
  • support on taxes, legal and investment issues,
  • suggestions for coffee (brewing) equipment, food & drink items,
  • advices on hiring staff,
  • general business consulting.

Wanna work with me? Have a look at my services tailored for your individual coffee content needs!

I’ve been featured on several coffee blogs such as and, and when I’m not writing blog posts and supporting coffee professionals like you, I can be found doing Yoga or baking cakes and other nice little treats for my friends and family or stopping by one of the specialty coffee places in Frankfurt, Germany.

And, maybe, I'm going to have my own Third Wave cafe some day, who knows...

If you’re dying to know more, here are 3 things you don’t know about me…

  1. I’ve lived in Japan for a while and I speak Japanese (well, I can communicate at least)
  2. I like to sip on a good whisky (Scottish or Japanese) from time to time
  3. I love Rock music; if there’s a good live show in town, you’d find me there

Of course, that's just the beginning. You can find "the whole story" here.