3 reasons why setting up a Marketing strategy helps pulling customers through your doors

How do I attract customers to my cafe, coffee shop or roastery? What needs to be done to constantly keep pulling them through my doors?

These questions are the ones that a lot of your are dealing with as cafe or coffee shop owners at one point being in your coffee business.

Especially when you’re just starting out, but for a huge amount also with a couple months or years in business.

It’s not enough to create that BUZZ in the beginning, throw an amazing opening party, doing samplings or offering specials once in a while.

 How can you attract customers to your coffee business in the long run?

You need to constantly working on your coffee business in order to attract customers every week, every month throughout the year.

How are you going to do just that?

Well, unfortunately there’s no magic formula or advertising solution that will turn your coffee business into THE 'Must go' place in town and get you hundreds of (new) customers right away.

First thing is to have the right expectations.

I’m not telling you any news, getting customers through your doors isn't easy! It takes time, money and some work to figure out a strategy how to grow your customer base over time. It rather is a process to attracting them to your cafe, to your coffee roastery, to your online shop or to attend your coffee courses.

A Marketing strategy, though, tailored to your coffee business can do amazing things to getting these customers in! How and why?

Here are the three main reasons:

1. Focus

This one doesn’t get customers coming in right away. You might ask yourself: What does ‘focussing’ have to do with my customers?

You’re right, not much at first sight, BUT, think about it, creating a Marketing strategy will show you a crystal clear way on WHAT to do within your coffee business.

A Marketing strategy helps you focus on the essential parts of your business, the FUN stuff, right?

Making coffee, working at your brew bar, training your staff and getting those customers in and making them to loyal regulars. Because, that’s what we all want, people coming back to our cafe or (coffee) shop again and again. 

2. Goals

A Marketing strategy always is based on the goals you’re setting for your coffee business

Without setting goals, the reason why you’re actually doing business, the reason, WHY you want your customers coming to your cafe or coffee shop/your online shop remains just a vague image.

Working out goals for your coffee business helps you stay on track with what you’re trying to achieve with your business.

Be it a Social Media campaign or an event to create an immediate BUZZ for a certain short period of time or be it working together with Media or bloggers to get your name out there and getting recommendations over a longer period of time to building up a strong customer base.

3. Messaging

This one is not about texting your customers on your phone... Well, maybe you are that close with them, I’m not diminishing that.

What I’m talking about here is to create a consistent message within your Marketing strategy you want your customers to know about your coffee business.

Messaging is the idea that you want to get across to customers – both in terms of your business and your products or service.

If the way you’re communicating is clear and shows a consistent image of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, then your (potential) customers are more likely to find their way to your cafe or coffee shop/your online shop and keep coming back.

Your coffee business is not just a place for serving/offering great coffee and for people to gather. It also is a business! 

As with all businesses you need to work out certain strategies on how to actually do business! How to increase your sales, how to get your name out there and how to constantly keep attracting customers coming to your cafe or coffee shop, sell your coffee or attend your classes.

A Marketing strategy can provide you with a solid foundation on how to work on these essentials for your coffee business, short and long term.


Do you have a certain strategy how to attract customers to your coffee business? Let me know in the comments!