3 signs why your coffee business needs a WHY

Does your coffee business have a WHY?

We all love coffee and specialty coffee even more. Because of the quality of the coffee beans. Because of the fine aromas and flavors that crafted roasters get out of those beans. Because of the people in this great specialty coffee community worldwide.

For some of us this love even is more than that, it’s a passion. A passion we want to spend a certain amount of our time with. Not just by roasting, preparing and drinking the coffee, but to also serving it and making customers happy with what we have to offer.

Having an own cafe, coffee shop or roasting business, teach coffee fans by offering coffee courses.

But, having an own coffee business is not just about serving or selling great coffee and making your customers happy.

It’s also about money and attracting the right customers. It’s about setting yourself apart from your competitors. It’s about finding that ONE thing that lets you stick out from the crowd - your unique value proposition, your WHY.

Turning your passion for coffee into a profitable coffee business isn’t something to worry about, though.

I got to talk to many coffee professionals and all of them are passionate about specialty coffee and their coffee businesses.

But, a lot of them don’t know about their own worth and their values. They don’t know, who is coming and why those people are heading to their cafes or coffee shops, their online shops or websites.

Some of you might even never heard of the term USP - unique value proposition or unique selling proposition - before...

That's actually the reason why I like the word 'WHY' (of your coffee business) so much, because it enables you to think about what and why you're doing what you're doing...

In times of mature markets even within the still small specialty coffee community and with more and more specialty coffee places popping up, it’s not enough serving/selling quality coffee anymore.

Yes, you heard me! Offering delicious coffee is everyone's approach out there!

If you're not sure, yet, wether you already found that WHY for your coffee business or are struggling to find a striking WHY, here are the 3 signs why you definitely need a WHY for your cafe, coffee shop, roasting business or coffee consultancy:

1. You don’t attract enough or the right customers, yet.

You opened your coffee business, let’s say, a couple months ago. In the first weeks you’ve been motivated, people were curious about that new place that just opened, about the coffee and all.

You’ve been busy and it was fun! Especially your friends and family are supporting you and are stopping by frequently.

But now, with some months in the business, most of the people coming to your cafe or coffee shop are - and I know a lot of you can relate - your friends and family. Somehow the other people don’t stop by anymore, the excitement settled. Even within yourself.

You start asking yourself: What happened? What am I doing wrong? 

I'm still serving that great coffee, being the friendly owner that you’ve been right from the beginning, I hear you say...

2. Your cafe or coffee shop is in a very competitive market.

We all know that, the bigger the city and the community that appreciates great quality coffee and is ready to spend money for that, too, the higher the chance, that you’re not the only one who had that idea...

More passionate and like-minded coffee people want to jump on the bandwagon, want to serve or sell great coffee, too.

Luckily in most of the cases these coffee businesses and local specialty coffee communities exist side by side, they support each other instead of bullying each other.

We’re all in the same boat and want the same thing: Making our customers happy with our coffee. And maybe, educate more customers towards specialty coffee, too.

But, with more and more coffee places within the local coffee markets, how can you manage to stay competitive?

How can you manage to attract customers to YOUR cafe or coffee shop, to your online shop or website?

How can you manage to stick out from that ‘crowd’ of coffee businesses out there?

3. You’re worried, your coffee business won’t be existing anymore one year from now.

Imagine again you’ve opened your business a couple months ago. And imagine again, still most of the times your friends and family are heading to your place.

Imagine also the other cafes, coffee shops or roasteries in your neighborhood, the other online shops selling their coffees.

Now, think of the investments you did, when you started your coffee business... I know, I know... 

You’re starting to ask yourself, how you can manage to get out of the red with being stuck in such a situation?

You’re even worrying, if your business will be still existing one year from now, if nothing changes too soon.

No customers, no sales. No sales, not getting out of the red...

And, I hear you saying, ok now, what? I’m feeling addressed. But, what can I do?

Well, I can imagine, a lot of you are rather overwhelmed with all that business matters - you don't know where to start, you're getting lost in all the details even... 

Lets not even call it Marketing... For some of you Marketing might even be a bad word: It’s all about selling ads and stuff... It's expensive... My budget is already tight... I know, what you’re thinking…

But, let me tell you this, Marketing can also support you with your business!

So is finding your WHY which should be part of a Marketing strategy for your coffee business right from the very beginning!

It can help you find the ONE thing, that sets your coffee business apart from your competitors. Finding a WHY for your coffee business can help you attract more customers and even drive those sales. Crazy, right?