Adjusting to change: Seeing challenges instead of failure.

I came to the United States to do a coffee trip. A tour that’s only purpose was to explore the specialty coffee scene and coffee culture of this country. No sightseeing - well, a little bit, if touristy spots crossed my path, no partying, no distractions - just coffee.

My intention? To get insights, to talk to (coffee) people), to learn and most of all to grow.

To grow personally and with my business.

I came here almost 5 weeks ago, full of expectations, full of excitement and anticipation.

On this very spot of excitement, I found out about a situation that not only brought me back on my feet of reality again, but it also forced me to cut down my stay over here.

 La Marzocco cafe in Seattle. They're adjusting to change every month. Every month another roaster from all over the world takes over the whole menu.

La Marzocco cafe in Seattle. They're adjusting to change every month. Every month another roaster from all over the world takes over the whole menu.

In the beginning, I wasn’t even sure what to do, going back home immediately? The situation kind of forced me to do so, but with some back and forth thinking, I ended up with this: I was not spending 3 months now, but only about 6 weeks.

What disappointment. I felt sad, frustrated, concerned and angry all at the same time, in the very first week, that I even spent here. I’ve been to New York City at that time.

At this very moment, though, I still did my “job”, which was exploring the coffee scene, visiting coffee places and talking to people.

When I finally was able to cope with that situation, I actually felt better. Why? Because I started making plans for those 6 weeks lying in front of me and making my itinerary based on the new situation.

And, I found out, I didn’t have to skip anything or had to leave something out; I was still going to Philly and Washington D.C. after spending some time in New York City, and I was still going to the coffee cities Seattle and Portland.

I’m writing this very blog article while sitting in another great coffee location, Blue Bottle in Palo Alto. Yes, that’s right, I made it to the Bay area and will be exploring San Francisco for the next couple days.

For the past 4 weeks, I was able to be in the NOW, I was able to just BE and explore - a big shout out to all the people I met on my journey and for all the people at home for encouraging me (especially one certain person).

I haven’t spent too much time on thinking ahead and what would be, once I get back. With my business and all.

With only 12 days left here, my thoughts are coming back, though:

What’s next, once I get home?

How will I be able to make a living out of my business?

How can I create services and products that my potential customers are willing to spend money on?

These thoughts are like a spiral that wind up around me. The sleepless nights are back, the concerns and all.

But, with all changes, I can’t let these thoughts and worries prevail, but instead seeing them as challenges on my way, not failures. Seeing them as a possibility to grow, not as mistakes.

Looking back to the past almost 5 weeks now, spending time in cities, I’ve never been to, with the most amazing people I never met before, I can say, I regret nothing!

It was and it is all worth it!

I will be spending the next days in this country, trying to be HERE and NOW and inhaling even more of the great atmosphere and talking to even more people.

I got asked a couple times during my stay what was the best thing to see, go or do, yet. And I keep giving the same answer: It’s the people, I get to spend time with and that I get to talk to.

Because eventually it is the people that make a place (city, coffee shop or whatever) the most amazing place to be.

What will be next, once I get back to Germany in two weeks? Well, first thing is, being happy to see certain people againNext, focus on my business and how I can move it forward with the insights I got to learn over here.

And, that was yet another interesting aspect of my journey: I’m just a human being and can only do certain things in a certain amount of time.

Working on my business and creating great content for my customers is one thing. Exploring the coffee culture of another country, spending time in cafes, talking to owners, managers and baristas for several hours each day, another.

Both at the same time did not work out for me. And that’s alright.

I learned, I can only focus on certain things at one time. Taking one step after the other. And, maybe that’s another reason for (only) 6 weeks instead of 3 months:

Focussing on one thing after the other. Exploring coffee, places and talking to people over here and working on my business back home.

All the best



What are your experiences with change? Personally or within your business. Let me know in the comments below!