16 amazing ideas for finding a striking WHY for your coffee business

Do you know why you’re doing what you’re doing?

Did you start your coffee business because you wanted to work with coffee and make customers happy all day?

I don’t blame you! That’s a wonderful reason to open a cafe, coffee shop or roasting business. But, it won’t help your coffee business in the long run. It won’t help you getting customers in day in and day out...

Why? Well, there are plenty more businesses like yours that are trying to do the same!

And, if you’re finding yourself in a neighborhood with a lot of cafes and coffee shops for customers to go to, people tend to head to the place they most likely can connect with.

Yes, in most cases because of the coffee. But more often because of the people working there, because of the atmosphere and because of the WHY behind your coffee brand.

Not sure what that is?

Well, I’m quite certain, when the first thoughts of opening an own coffee business came to your mind, you must have had some ideas of how to connect to the people you want to attract to your future cafe, coffee shop or roastery, why you actually want people coming.

If you’re just starting out and are still wondering what that WHY of your coffee business should be, here are some ideas to build a striking coffee brand:

What’s your profession? What’s your personal background?

How can you bring that in?

1. Are you an artist, designer or photographer? Show the art of local artists or invite them to host an event at your cafe.

Is your space big enough? You could even host public drawing classes.

2. You’re a pastry chef? Make your cakes and pastries the WHY to go to for your customers.

3. You’re vegan and want the people that come your cafe eat healthy and delicious vegan food that is even local produce and organic? Perfect! More and more people love to go to such places!

4. You’re family background is from Colombia, Morocco or some other country? Use it for your coffee business, to either offer certain food or drinks that you’re making homemade at your cafe.

5. Or you could even create your concept based on your background in terms of the coffee you’re serving, the art you might be showing on your walls, the playlist, you’re playing in your cafe. The list is endless and lies all within your creativity.

6. Speaking of the playlist, are you a musician? Make your own special playlists the WHY for your customers to come to your cafe.

7. What are the people you like hanging out with? Art scene? Music scene? Family environment? People tend to go to places they feel comfortable with because they’re authentic to them. If you’re not a family kind of person, don’t try to be one.

8. What are your interests? Music? Art? Photography? Design? Literature maybe? Host lectures and have a book shelf sitting in one of the corners to let people relax and read.

9. Think about, if you want to have a cafe/coffee shop only business or share the space with another shop maybe, like bicycles or records or even a craft beer shop.

This is not only a great way to cover the rent, but also to share customers. People that have their bikes repaired like to drink coffee while they’re waiting, don’t you think?

What other professions or businesses would work well with coffee? A flower shop maybe? A barber? Think about it!

Make it about the location!

You don’t have to be an interior designer to have a great place to stay at. Just be authentic about how you design your shop.

10. If you’re great with interior or even an interior designer, make the WHY of your cafe around the interior of your shop. Create your own design, be creative and become known for your certain design!

11. You like sailing and like to hang out with like-minded people that might also like coffee? Open a shop close to the shore. What’s better than a hot coffee after a rough sailing trip out on the sea?

12. Do you want to do something for the community or the neighborhood you’re in?

If you’re finding yourself in an area where there’s a lot of poverty or even homelessness among young people going on, create social projects or programs to get these young people off the streets and hire them as your baristas or staff members.

Create a fun environment

13. Do you like hosting events? Think about having a cafe business during the day and a bar at night. Seriously!

This is not just a great way to cover the costs, if you find yourself in a pricy area, but also to benefit from the customers that are either coming during the day or the night: “If you want coffee, too, we’re open from 7am each day…”

14. You’re a fun person that likes playing games? Have a ping pong table sitting inside of your space or host little contests, like a hot dog contest during summer.

15. You could even create a little game for your customers! This is great for your regulars to connect with new people, but also for totally new customers as well to connect with each other.

How? Create little cards with questions that people can pick up at the counter and go the person that they want to talk and connect with. Questions could be: “Ask me about my day before we met here today!” or “Ask me about the most embarrassing music in my iTunes library!”

You’re a passionate barista?

16. Have monthly Throw downs with the coffee community in your area. This is a great way to connect with other coffee shops and get to know each other and even to share some customers maybe. You could also host Latte Art and Barista trainings at your cafe, once you’ve opened.

This list is endless!

Look at your own background, look inside of yourself, what you like and what kind of people you want to connect with!

And these are actually the most important, your customers!

When creating the WHY for your cafe, think about your customers, too! They’re the ones, that come to your cafe, coffee shop or roasting business and you want to attract.

What’s the WHY of your coffee business? Tell me in the comments below!