Traveling the US or how to explore a country via its specialty coffee scene

Yes, I’m getting more and more excited now. Not that the past weeks and months haven’t been excited enough already - getting out of the 9-5, starting an own business, dating… Not to forget the sleepless nights.

Now with the month of June another adventure is just around the corner and only 16 days away: My three months trip to the United States.

Because why just going there for 3 weeks of vacation, when I can actually stay there 90 days…?!? (We get 90 day-visas as German tourists)

Muddling through

There have been days during the past weeks, when I even questioned this trip. When I asked myself, why the heck am I starting so many new things at the same time? Wasn’t there enough going on already in my life? Wasn’t I actually looking for some more stability? Am I actually crazy?

Well, maybe I am. But for the sake of my quest and my mission actually - spreading the word about specialty coffee - I can say now, I just have to go! That sounds kinda spiritual and a lot like destiny and maybe it actually is. It just feels right to go there and explore that country. Well, some parts of it at least.

It’s not the first time I’m spending my travels based on specialty coffee, though. My trips to Belgium and Japan, to London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamburg during the past 1,5 years always had a certain amount of specialty coffee in it.


I just love to explore my travel destination via its specialty coffee scene! Getting to know the local cafe culture, talking to people - the owners and baristas of the cafes, walking my way through the city, planning tours that cover specialty cafes and roasters AND sights as well. Those trips were time limited, though. I only had several days to cover a list of specialty cafes and the sights as well. Somedays this ended in overcaffeination and exhaustion, but it was always worth it.

Unfortunately those trips were too limited at some point; there are so many more specialty cafes to explore for me that I couldn’t cover during my trips. But, with the US it will be different! I’m gonna be there for 3 months! That should be enough time to cover some of the cafes there, don’t you think so, too?

Because, that’s exactly what I’m going to do in the US: Exploring its specialty coffee scene! There’s so much going on right now over there! Starbucks has just recently announced to offer Nitro cold brew at 500 of their US stores by the end of the summer! How exciting...!!! Just kidding… :-D

Besides the exploring, there’s some amount of visiting friends (and actually meeting some for the first time or again after a very long time...), working for my business, doing some freelancing jobs (writing is fun!) on the side and starting yet another blog project - it’s about traveling and specialty coffee, but shhh... ;-)

My bucket list is full with trips to New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Seattle, Portland/Oregon and San Francisco, all the way back to the east coast with Chicago, Milwaukee and again New York City, because why not spend the last weekend over there at the ‘New York Coffee Festival’?

I’m traveling with a bag full of curiosity and a lot of questions! Sometimes I wonder if I’d be remembered for my ‘why’ questions, once I leave this earth…? Haha!

Making experiences

No, seriously. I tend to ask a lot of questions. Maybe that’s what I need within my business as well! Being curious and always trying to get to the bottom of things. Because isn’t life about learning and making experiences? I certainly believe it is.

But, and now I’m getting back to that ‘dating’ thing I mentioned earlier, this whole traveling and exploring thing is accompanied by feelings of missing someone a lot when being over there…

At the same time I’m asking myself, isn’t that part of the experience as well? Getting through tough times (together)? And, wouldn’t I rather regret not going?

If you’re having any recommendations on places to go and visit during my stay, comment below! I’m thankful for each one of them!

All the best and keep exploring