Take action or how to create a USP

Are you still wondering if your specialty cafe needs a unique selling proposition, a USP? Let me tell you this, the answer is YES! You definitely need one!

But, for some reason, many coffee shops disregard the critical nature and valuable opportunity provided by a USP.

A weak or nonexistent USP can ruin sales, and all the other good things that successful cafe owners crave. A clear, strong, and customer-focused USP will do just the opposite - boost sales, create a fanatic tribe, and satisfy customers to the core.

But, how are you going to do just this?

Well, if you’ve been following my latest blog articles in this series, you might have noticed, that we’ve been working on the three main factors for creating a USP over the past couple weeks:

Your customers

Your competitors

Your benefits.

With a little research on those three, you might see some ‘golden threat’ shining through by now.

Yes? Perfect! Let’s move on with that!

No? You can’t see that just yet? Well, we can work on the creation of a USP for your specialty cafe together. Just head over here and sign up for my FREE 30 min strategy coaching now.

Creating a USP is about finding your uniqueness

But before heading over there, think about your position on the local (specialty) cafe market you’re in. Where can you position yourself? What are you known for? What would you like to be known for?

If you’re not sure, where to start with that, take your research on your customers, you competitors and your benefits in account again. That should tell you some interesting facts on where you’re at on the market.

Can you tell what sets you apart, what differentiates you from your competitors?

What attracts your customers? With what benefits?

Finding out what makes your cafe unique is about finding possible value propositions that fit your cafe business.

Make a list of these possible attributes. Ask yourself what it is that makes you unique and write down all the characteristics of your person - because YOU, the owner, are the person behind your business; a huge amount of yourself goes into your USP as well - and/or your cafe business that make you stand out of the mass for (potential) customers.

Write down everything that you have in mind, even if it is “just” the fact that you’re open 7 days a week.

Remember, your USP must be focused on benefits only YOU offer!

You should end up with a few benefits to choose from. When deciding which one is the most suitable as the focus of your USP, ask these questions:

  • Which benefits are the most important to your customers?

  • Which benefits are the most difficult for your competitors to imitate?

  • Which benefits can be most easily understood by customers?

If you’re still struggling with finding what makes you unique, try working on this:

Think about why your coffee and your cafe experience is different.

Think about why you’re doing what you’re doing (selling specialty coffee, etc.) and how you can communicate this.

Think about why your customers should buy your coffee/come to your cafe.

Explain the guarantee (roasting on demand, always fresh coffee and food, etc.) you’re offering.

To develop your USP, answering these questions will tell your customers (and anyone involved with your cafe business) what you do, why you do it, and why someone should buy from you or head over to your cafe.

That’s what the USP is for, what makes it work is that it’s something you and your entire cafe business can look to when creating new products, services, or for carrying out marketing and promotion tasks.

But, having a clear USP isn’t just beneficial for your customers, it’s beneficial for you and your cafe business too because you need something to focus on, to keep your marketing messages focused and on track.

Create a clear message

Once you’ve worked out what your cafe business stands for, why it is unique, we’ll dive right into the creation of your USP message.

To make your USP work, you have to develop it to be short and concise.

Using your list of unique attributes, you can start to mold that information into a clear message. Rework it until you have one succinct sentence that will become your USP.

We want a clear message! So, keep it simple! Your USP should be not more than a short paragraph of about 50 words!

Bring it to life

Again, a good USP should be:

  • Only one sentence.

  • Clearly written so that everyone can understand it.

  • Composed of benefits that are unique to your cafe or your products, e.g. coffee.

Now, market your USP, take action and bring it to life!

Here’s how:

You need to figure out how to take that unique selling proposition and turn it into a marketing tool! Meaning your USP should seep into every aspect of your cafe/coffee business, e.g. your website designs, Social media, your packaging, your communication to customers, Promotion/Marketing materials, etc.

Your unique selling proposition is at the core of your cafe business, which means it needs to be everywhere.

Do you already have a unique selling proposition? Awesome! I'd love to know more about! Share in the comments below!