Not another Latte Art post or how to create an engaging Social media strategy

We’ve all seen them, posts on Social Media with Latte Art. Don’t get me wrong, there are beautiful photos out there and a lot of skilled people doing Latte Art or photographing it.

But, and I want you to be honest with yourself, do these photos attract more customers to your cafe? Does anyone come in and give compliments about your Latte Art posts?

Well, yes, Latte Art fans maybe.

What about all the others that come to your cafe, though? The business people that grab a quick coffee to go on their way to work, the family from across the street, that stops by every Sunday to have one of your famous homemade cakes?

Having a Social Media channel, be it Facebook or Instagram, is perfect for posting great photos, sure. Maybe you get a ton of Likes for such photos.

The thing is, both, Instagram and Facebook, can do much more than getting Likes for photos or Fans for your pages.

Let me show you what Social Media can do for your coffee business as well:

Social Media is a great tool to actually make a connection to your customers. And it’s a great way to get them from their couch on a rainy day and make them actually coming to your cafe.

Social Media is a tool

  • For getting recommendations. Make a post and offer a free drink for every friend your customers invite to your cafe.

  • For letting them take part of what’s going on behind the scenes. Even do some 'making of' photos or videos of their favorite beverages and food, you roasting coffee. 

  • For introducing them to their friend behind the counter. Everyone has something to tell. About their favorite hobby, some fun fact. Tell a little snippet of that in a post with a photo of the barista or staff member (even about yourself) it relates to and invite your customers in to get more insights. 

  • For showing them what you have to offer. Not just what’s on the menu, but everything, that’s going on with your cafe as well, be it that you’re hosting events, that you’re offering barista trainings. Tell your fans about it and invite them in for the next event or training!

  • For asking them about their favorite recipes! You’re offering home made cakes? Create a post and ask your customers about their favorite recipes. You can even make a little contest: The most creative recipe will be made during the next week and the customer who came up with the recipe will be invited for some cake & coffee at the cafe for free.

  • For telling them about your story. Make a post and let your customers know what your cafe is all about, e.g. the reason why you’re only selling coffee from certain countries or what's behind your playlist.

  • For giving away discounts or gift cards for free. Create a post and ask your customers to like and share that post. This is a good way to get more Likes for your page. The first 50 Likes get the chance to win.

These tipps are just a bunch of ideas what all you can do with engaging your customers through Social Media. Be creative, there’s more to add here.

This is also a great way to get to know your customers as well! Who are they and why are they actually coming to your cafe? Find out by engaging with them through your Social Media posts.

You don’t have many Fans on Social Media, yet?

Ask the customers that come to your cafe to like your page or to even give a review on your page. If they’re doing a review, always offer something in return, a free drink maybe.

Free drinks for Likes. With a little contest and some Likes and Shares, you can add more fans to your page quickly by making a contest and giving away some free drinks for the next time, they’re visiting your cafe.

You don’t have an own shop, yet?

A good strategy might be to create some buzz before you even open your cafe.

Open a Facebook or Instagram page and create little videos or other fun posts of the setting up / making of your shop, even do one of the above mentioned strategies - the story of your cafe, inviting the first 50 people that Like and Share certain posts to a VIP opening party.

Share these posts in certain (coffee related) groups on Facebook or on your personal page - your friends are the best word of mouth tool for you.

For Instagram, get as many Page Likes as possible by posting those ‘making of’ photos or even the videos and engage with other pages of cafes and coffee shops or possible influencers you may know, like and comment their photos and pages to get more Likes in return.

Oh, and as for hashtags, don’t use hashtags that have the biggest numbers like ‘coffee’ for example, when you’re just starting with Instagram. The chance is higher to be found when aiming for hashtags that aren’t used that often like ‘craftcoffee’ or ‘slowcoffee’.

Social Media is more than about Likes and Shares. It’s more than just having a Facebook or Instagram page because every other cafe has one.

By engaging with your customers and making a connection with them online, you’re getting the chance to not just turning your customers into returning regulars, but even getting more Fans online and offline. 


Do you have a creative Social Media strategy to share? Let me know in the comments below!