How to avoid New Year’s resolutions for your coffee business

Do you know that?

With 2017 just around the corner, many of you start thinking about certain New Year’s resolutions again. For your personal life and for your business.

The thing with New Year’s resolutions is that we tend to follow them only for a little while. We try to work out more. We try to eat healthier. We try to take more time for friends, our family & ourselves especially when having an own business. 

Fast forward a couple weeks into the New Year, though, we’re back where the last year ended, eating way too much, skipping our gym classes we ambitiously booked for each week, we again work longer hours… I know a lot of you even take the work from their cafes, coffee shops and roasteries home.

How can you avoid stepping into the same trap again for 2017?

By planning your year, by setting goals – long term and short term – and by taking care of yourself every day.

Plan your year

First, take a calendar for 2017 and set one goal that you want to achieve in the upcoming year or business year. Be it more sales, more awareness for your coffee brand, more customers or launching a new product.

Start planning your year backwards from this goal. 

Second, mark every date during the year that is important for your coffee business, seasonal events like Christmas or International Coffee Day on October, 1st that you can use for promotions, also public holidays and such.

Mark the weeks and months that are rather weak in terms of sales, as well. What do you have to do to balance these time periods over the year compared to stronger weeks and months? 

Try to refer each of these dates and time periods to your overall goal for 2017.

90-day goals

Think about the first 3 months in 2017 now. What all can you achieve in January, February and March that helps you taking the next steps closer to your goal

What is on your To Do list?

Setting up a strategy for attracting more customers, certain promotions to raise awareness for your coffee brand, even attending seminars or workshops or getting business advice to move your coffee business forward … 

If your goal is to attract more customers, how can you achieve that? What do you have to do offline and online? Setting up an account on Facebook or Instagram maybe?

If your goal is to make more sales, think about how much more per month you want to make, how much of your coffee you have to sell to how many customers, etc. 
The amount has to be achievable for you, though. Don’t start too high right in the beginning.

If your goal is more awareness for your coffee brand, what do you have to do to make your brand more visible? Do you have to work on the photos on your website and on Social Media maybe or your coffee packaging? Do you have to improve your offer? 

Start thinking about everything your customer gets in touch with when it comes to your coffee brand.

What is the next step towards a strong coffee brand that you can work on in the first weeks of the New Year? Start with the first step.

Whatever it is, it should be part of your plan to get you closer to your goal for 2017.

'My day'

Think about your daily life now and, yes, consciously take into account also your personal wellbeing

What makes you happy?

Going for a walk with your dog? Cooking and eating good food? Meeting with friends?

I know your days are tight and packed with everything around your coffee business. 

But try to set some small rituals to start your day, even if it is only to drink a glass of water, talk to your neighbor or listening to a podcast and even if it is only 30 minutes per day.

If you plan your days, 

1.    Think about the stuff you do every day, anyways, e.g. your daily rituals, answering emails, taking care of Social Media. 
2.    Think also about things that you do on certain days during the week, like ordering new coffee supplies, networking in the local coffee community. 
3.    Especially think about stuff that literally eats your time. Can you get rid of some of that? If yes, do so!

Plan your day in time badges – your daily rituals and To Dos and your weekly To Dos. You can even start writing a ‘time diary’ to help you manage your days.

Remember, these suggestions are not supposed to add tasks to your already packed working days, but to get you closer towards your goal, more customers, more sales, a stronger coffee brand in 2017.

What is your goal for 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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