Getting out of that 9-5 or how to stay sane when launching a business

One last and final week heading to my 9-5 job - Monday morning. Stau (traffic jam). 1,5 hours to work. 5 more days in a corporate job. Ever?

Seminars, coachings, test clients. Launching a business. My online business. This very project I’m working on for about 6 months now.

Sleepless nights. Too many thoughts, too much going on at the same time.

And, ‘side projects’. Friends, family and, yes, dating!

Crazy, right?

Because, why just keeping myself busy with working corporate, blogging, studying, promoting my business and networking..?

The people around us are important! Not just friends & family (or your favorite community) that support us and are there for us, when we need them.

But, most of all, because we tend to meet people - and for me that was always also a new man in my life - for a certain reason: To grow and to learn. For valuable experiences, for even more thoughts and maybe sleepness nights.

I could’ve just said, ...naah, I’m too busy for that just now... I can’t handle that ‘stress’ of dating, getting to know that ‘new man’. But, I didn’t apparently. Somehow I manage to squeeze all that into my days as well.

Not even trying to make prios. Just trying to make time for everything and everyone who and what I believe is important to me right now.

Is that insane? Maybe...

I’m in this very last week of transitioning from my corporate job to my own online business. And, I haven’t actually realized it, yet.

I tend to get ask, how I feel about that, having my own business soon, no fixed monthly salary any more, uncertainty even...

A chapter closes. And another one opens.

I’m not scared. I’m in a huge awe for that transition, don’t get me wrong. Almost 8 years working in corporate - with a lot of great input and meeting some really cool people -, but never ever finding that motivation, the fun working on something, for a certain product or company, made me almost hate my days sitting at that office desk day in and day out, Monday to Friday, way too often during the past years.

But, I made my peace with it. Once I realized what’s going on and once I discovered that wonderful community around specialty coffee and my passion for that great product, I’ve been able to see those working days as time to learn, to study and to grow. Personally.

Growing out of that feeling of being stuck and not being able to do anything about my situation. Because, I am able to do something! We all are. It’s our decision. Always. We just have to be brave enough to take that step out of that ‘job prison’.

I’ve met a lot of nay sayers on my way this past year. People that are concerned, that are worried, that are critizing me for my way. And, I’ve always tried to listen to them. The problem with that is, those people are stirring up my own worries - that are still in me, not gonna deny that. Stirring up thoughts about how I ever will be able to earn money with my business, thoughts about not being ready, yet, not being good enough...

But, if you want to make that brave and bold step into your own business - and I know a lot of you as specialty cafe owners have been in a similar situation -, you gotta let these people behind. They don’t bring you forward. Listen to what they have to say, but then, MOVE ON!

It’s not their life, it’s yours!

And, because it IS my life, I decided to take these days (and sleepless nights) just now one day (and night) at a time. Not trying to think too much about tomorrow or next month, but rather what’s next. Which steps are next in line on my golden threat.

Trusting in my own courage. Having trust in life itself. For always meeting the right people. People that support me on my way.

If you’ve ever felt similar, and, I know, a lot of you out there can relate, let me know in the comments, how you managed to stay sane and opened that cafe - your baby!


All the best for you with a blog article today that is more of a personal one  and less business related...





P.S. Despite these busy days of mine, of course I’m always able to squeeze coffee in! I would never skip that! Taking the time to hand grinding the coffee beans, smell the coffee grounds, trying different brewing methods and enjoying that great cup. Every single day!