The dream of having an own specialty cafe and why you should pursue it

Coffee is connecting people. Nothing new told here. People around the globe are heading to specialty cafes and coffee shops for their caffeine fix every day. Not new either.

But, what about the other side, the people that are opening those cafes?

What’s their intention? Passion? The people? Pursuing their dreams? Many are dreaming about having that own coffee place, but few actually do the final step and open one. Learn here why you should pursue your dreams and not listen to those naysayers out there.

We all love coffee. And a growing number of people around the globe love coffee of great quality or, newly put, specialty coffee. Some people even go beyond that plain love for the cup of Joe and are turning their passion into a business: They open an own specialty cafe.

But, who are those people?

I’m not talking about opening a franchise cafe or taking over the place of someone else here. I’m talking about those ‘brave’ fellows that want to pursue that dream of having their own specialty coffee place where people gather, where people chat and simply are having a great time, accompanied by a cup (or multiple cups) of specialty coffee.

Where do these people come from?

I met cafe owners around the globe, in Berlin, in London, in Tokyo. Many of them are artists, photographers, designers - creative people that want to live their creativity with an own specialty cafe.

But, I believe, an even bigger number are, like me, men and women who just want to break out of that daily routine, that 9-5 office job. A prison that we are heading to daily – voluntarily - for many. Working for the visions and goals of others instead of their own. Sitting at their desks, either bored or even burned out.

Not feeling the passion and motivation that their colleagues seem to have and asking themselves: What am I doing wrong? They are engineers, bankers or lawyers. They all have that one dream of turning their passion for specialty coffee into an actual coffee place.

Easier said than done. Because having an own cafe is more than just serving great specialty coffee, those homemade sandwiches and cakes. It’s a lot about numbers, too. Without customers constantly coming to your cafe, most cafe owners are having trouble to get out of the red.

And there’s this tread mill of worries and concerns that most of you had before you even started your business. With people around that are trying to talk you out of your dream, those naysayers that are constantly complaining about the huge investments, the debts you’re going to make.

They’re trying to tell you that they never would have taken the risks of getting out of their safe jobs and heading into the uncertainty of not having a fixed salary coming to their bank accounts every month, they even tell you about not being able to take days off anymore. Yes, that’s all part of the deal, too. I’m not trying to deny this.

But - and when you’re like me - that passion for specialty coffee and the dream of wanting to work with that great product on a daily basis is stronger and this is all going to be worth it.

In the end you have to ask yourself what’s worse, going to that 9-5 job for the rest of your working life, without having fun while working there most of your daytime?

Or do you want to step out of your comfort zone and take those risks for pursuing your dream of turning your passion for specialty coffee into a specialty coffee business?

The specialty coffee scene is a wonderful community; we all share the same passion and a lot share similar dreams. And many of you are making that transition out of their jobs and pursue that dream.

But we aren’t competitors on that specialty coffee market, there’s space for all of us and many more – remember, people love drinking coffee and more and more coffee drinkers around the world are open to what specialty coffee has to offer.

Let’s share our passion and our dreams and help each other! 

You and your personality are already bringing a lot with you to making your specialty cafe a success; you just need a great strategy to work for that success.