Supporting each other or why Facebook groups are important within the Specialty Coffee community

The Specialty Coffee community is small and we alle want the same: Offering great Specialty Coffee to our customers. Hence, we are supporting each other. Even on a global level.

Specialty coffee still is not spread as we would like it to be, though. There are still many generic coffee drinkers outside that not even care about how their coffee tastes and were it comes from. But, we can’t blame them. We can just try to educate them step by step. With what we know and what we care about. And most of you are doing this already by talking to their customers. But also online and within Social Media.

It’s great to see so many like minded people share their know how and their experiences and best practices with each other. Because, it’s all about supporting and learning from each other. About coffee growing and roasting, about coffee brewing and preparation, and, yes, also just about being nerdy and all.

And all that happens, at least for the most of us that want to share their thoughts in the global community, online!

Imagine years back without internet, how would we have shared our experiences back then? Crazy thought...

Who would you go for, who would you ask for advice and support, if you wouldn’t have solutions like online blogs and magazines, discussion forums and groups in Social Media?

I’m honest, I don’t know!

You can complain about Social Media and stuff - it has good and bad aspects for sure! But, it keeps our small Specialty Coffee community connected and up to date!

The latest trends within Specialty Coffee? Where did you read those first? New coffee gears? Where can you find them?

Right, mostly within Social Media. And, I know, to some extent, that most of you use Facebook for communicating within the community. And, I even know from some of you that you’re having a Facebook fanpage for your cafe/coffee business.

Heading back to supporting each other and thinking of Facebook. Where do you go to, when asking for feedback and advice?

I know, what I’m doing. I’m heading to one of these great Facebook groups that are out there.

But I noticed most of these groups are aimed for the (Specialty) coffee drinker - sharing thoughts on the latest brewing gear, nice latte art attempts and things - or for people who want to open their own coffee roasting business. Great insights here, no question!

But, what about you guys? What about people like you that have a specialty cafe business? Where do you go to in business matters?

Which Facebook group are you heading to, when having questions on your next promotion? Where do you find best practices? Where can you discuss next steps when you just opened your coffee business and wondering how to get those people into your shop?

Right, I was asking this myself. And couldn’t find a solution just yet. But, and that’s my goal, I want to help specialty cafe owners supporting each other and most of all I want to help spreading the word about Specialty Coffee.

So, what would be a better way to do that than to connect you, specialty cafe/coffee business owners worldwide, in a Facebook group?

I opened Specialty Cafe Forum for swapping ideas and for discussions around specialty coffee, the branding & positioning of specialty cafe businesses around the world.

Specialty Cafe Forum is all about supporting each other, answer questions and give feedback.

What if you could even share some insights that worked for your cafe, some strategies that could help someone else with their cafe business and even becoming more successful?

Sharing strategies? Publicly? Is she crazy?

No, I’m not. And, partly I’m with you, guys! But, we’re all in the same boat. It’s not about competition here! If we want to spread the word about Specialty Coffee and if we want to help grow the amount of people enjoying a good (!) cup of Joe, why not supporting each other in doing so in a Facebook group?

How do you engage on Facebook? Which Facebook groups do you usually go to? Comment below!