Success doesn’t happen over night or how to practice patience

About a year ago I already knew I would drop out of my 9-5 sooner or later. It was just a matter of time and timing when that transition from working in a full time job into having my own business was about to happen.

When right before Christmas 2015 this very situation all of a sudden came sooner rather than later into my life, this was actually the time when things really started moving, not just around myself, but also a lot within myself.

It was only then, when my mindset shifted to actually start building that business – from scratch.

Setting up my website, booking a coach to help me build that online business, to start working out strategies for attracting clients, writing a publishing calendar for all the blog articles I was about to write in the next months.

The transition from 9-5 to full time me was a tough one. In April and May, I not only dropped out of my corporate job, but also started working with first clients, made my first attempts of making people aware of my business. And at the same time attended evening seminars for building a business…

Starting out

I was pushing myself to my limits, followed by sleepless nights… And for the first time during that transition I felt lost, I felt lonely...

Nothing seemed to work. None of my strategies made my potential clients to book me…

Right before summer, I decided to let go of that pressure for a while and went off into my coffee trip adventure to the US.

I was still writing blog articles every week, many of them are inspired of my coffee trip. But, I wasn’t forcing me anymore to find that one strategy that will bring me those clients over night and with them the money.

It was during these 7 weeks traveling that I not only got to know myself better, but I also talked to a lot of coffee people, seen a zillion coffee places and café concepts and grew as a woman and as a business person.

Home with me, I brought tons of ideas and inspirations, also for my business.

When summer turned into fall in Germany, I eventually made me being self-employed official. On October 1st 2016 I registered my business Simel.Coffee.

Fear of failure

And, it was only then, when everything that happened over the past months, my different attempts of finding clients, working on strategies for my business, traveling the US, etc. turned into the business that I’m having now.

But I wasn’t happy with my business and me just yet...

For the past 2,5 months I had a LOT of Ups and Downs. I felt demotivated, I felt stressed out, I felt lonelyAll of my attempts just didn’t seem to be successful.

I wasn’t hoping to get hundreds of new clients all of a sudden, but - and I know, you can relate to that – being responsible for yourself and your business, also financially, scared the hell out of me.

Thoughts about not being able to pay the rent in a couple months, about never ever finding clients and the right strategy to make people work with me or book me…

It was tough…

It was another blog article a couple weeks ago, when I wrote about celebrating small successes that I remembered, though, which made me aware of the things I already achieved over the past couple months. And not too little!

Be proud of yourself

To be honest, I’m a little bit proud of not only launching a podcast - Thanks to Gwilym Davies for attending my show for the past 4 episodes already!

I’m proud of having wonderful ladies in my mastermind groups to work with and give/get feedback on our businesses, working on strategies to attracting new clients and launching digital products.

I’m proud (and also thankful) of getting to know myself as a business person better, of finding out about my own branding and what I want to do with my business and for the clarity.

I’m proud of launching my first digital product – the 'Social Media Starter Kit for coffee businesses' I launched on December 1st.

And, I’m proud of working with wonderful clients that I can support making their coffee brands successful.

A successful business isn’t build over night

What is in there for you having an own coffee business or maybe you're just about to start your own café, coffee shop or roastery?

Well, it was in October last year, when some really famous Social Media guru said the following: Success doesn’t happen over night.

And, back then already, I knew my approach to having an own online business, might not be the million dollar success guarantee within a couple weeks or months, but a business that needs time to evolve, time to make people aware.

Making them not only aware of me and my services, but also making them aware of the need to working on their own coffee businesses and their coffee brands in order for making them successful and turning their coffee businesses into thriving cafes, coffee shops or roasteries.

As with your coffee business, attracting customers to your brick & mortar café, coffee shop or roastery or to your online shop isn’t easy. It needs different approaches, consistency and persistence, over weeks, months and sometimes years...

At the same time building a strong coffee brand and making it visible for your (potential) customers – offline & online, isn’t done overnight either. There’s a lot of trial and error and patience involved here, too.

Be kind and patient with yourself

Right at the time when most of us are thinking back of the year 2016 and of what lies ahead in 2017; I want to encourage you to celebrate those small successes.

Be proud of yourself and everything you’ve achieved over the past months, no matter how small or big it was.

Make yourself aware of all the people that joined your way as well. Be grateful for them and the experiences or lessons they might have taught you on your way, too.

Most importantly, be kind and patient with yourself! And, with your business! I have to stop and remind myself a lot about that, too from time to time...


All the best