Why creating a USP will help you getting more customers AND driving sales

With more and more specialty coffee places popping up, there’s a need to set yourself apart, something that is unique to your business and defines your position among those coffee places: a unique selling proposition (USP).

A USP is nothing to worry about, though. It’s a Marketing term - I know, I'm using the bad word 'Marketing', and I know what you’re thinking right now.

But a lot of the coffee shops out there, especially the larger ones and chain stores, are already using the benefits of creating an own USP, a unique selling proposition or selling point, sometimes also called value proposition, which all refer to the same thing basically:

It is what sets your coffee business apart from your competitors.

In this article you'll learn why having an own USP helps you not only to set yourself apart from the competition, but also how you can get more customers and drive sales.

 Try not to be known for everything!

Many coffee businesses make the mistake to stand for everything, especially when they first get started. They want to be all things to all people.

Does that sound like you? Do you want to be known for having the highest quality coffees AND the lowest prices. Do you want to have the best food AND the cheapest prices. Do you want to be known for the best home made cakes AND the most delicious sandwiches AND the freshest salads.

If you’re feeling addressed here, don’t blame yourself. You’re just trying to do everything well, like the most of us. The problem with this is, when you attempt to be known for everything, you don’t become known for anything, i.e. don’t try to please everyone by just telling how great your coffee is.

Take a chain coffee shop like Starbucks. And I know, a lot of you have at least one Starbucks around the corner. But that counts for any other larger chain store as well. Those stores can become known for many aspects and they might also be able to fulfill those. Remember, a Starbucks advertises its coffee as ‚great coffee’ as well.

But they’re also selling the atmosphere - a lot of those Starbucks fans out there are looking for the ultimate Starbucks experience - and being the convenient coffee place that also happens to sell sandwiches and smoothies.

Independence is your strength

But if a smaller coffee business, an independent coffee place like yours maybe, wants to steal a slice of that cake from a larger competitor, they’re better off making a stand for something and becoming known for that certain thing rather than trying to do everything.

Stand out from the crowd!

Looking at the specialty coffee scene, especially in cities like London, New York or Tokyo, more and more specialty coffee places are popping up like mushrooms these days. But also in smaller cities everywhere around the globe, specialty coffee has arrived.

In that crowded marketplace, you need a value proposition to compete. You need something that your coffee business stands for, that sets you apart from that coffee shop next door, that lets you stand out of the crowd.

How to increase your sales

But, your own USP isn’t meant to appeal to everyone. It’s something very specific, something that becomes what you’re known for. Your USP should seep into every aspect of your business, your designs (your website, your cafe interior, etc.), your packaging, in case you’re a roaster.

You want a clear message. With a strong unique selling proposition customers start to think of you differently: You’re not just a regular coffee shop, you’re a great place to hang out and meet people for example.

Plus, a USP increases your sales. Yes, you read that correctly. A USP can help you make more money!