Revive your Facebook fan page - Training for coffee professionals


'Revive your Facebook fan page' is a 'hands on' training cycle, that means, you benefit the most of the training, if you already have a Facebook fan page that we can work on together.

It's a practical training with things to work on right away, no boring power point slides and a lot of theory that doesn't have to do with your daily business.

'Revive your Facebook fan page' is for you, if

  • you are a coffee professional, coffee shop or coffee business owner, manager or director
  • you want to grow your Facebook fan page and integrate taking care of your page effectively & efficiently into your busy working day
  • you know, you don’t have enough time for Facebook, but you want more fans and more reach, because you know you can turn your fans into guests & customers eventually.

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Training outline

My training 'Revive your Facebook fan page' is a training tailored for the needs of your coffee business and the Facebook page for your coffee business.

One training session is about 45min where we work on the next steps together!

I'll provide To Dos in every session, so you can work on the things you learned during the training right away.

One training cycle contains 4 training sessions that can be booked flexible to fit them into your busy schedule.

Your result after the training:

  • more fans that you'll be turning into happy guests & customers
  • an active fan page with more reach
  • more engagement & interaction with your fans
  • a clear strategy to work on Facebook from now on - more time for the important stuff
  • a publishing calendar for the next 3 months and tons of content ideas that your fans want to engage with

Training cycle

1.     We define your goals and get to know your audience

Goals: What do you wanna achieve during the training and with your fan page? Why do you actually need a Facebook fan page for your coffee business? You’ll learn about the Facebook algorithm, insights to really get to know that Marketing tool Facebook.

Fans: We get to know your audience/your fans! Who do you wanna reach and create content for? Only if you know your audience, you’re able to create the right content for them based on the information Facebook insights give you

2.     Pimp your fan page

Make your FB page attractive! We’ll work on your header photo, Call to action buttons, coffee business description (about section) and much more.

3.     Creating engaging posts

We do some brainstorming together for possible content:

What kind of posts work for YOUR business? We are going to find the balance between promotion and engagement.

Speaking of engagement: You’ll learn how to interact with your fans and start the conversation.

4.     Time management & planning

I’ll provide tools to efficiently and effectively integrate working on your Facebook page into your busy working days. You’ll also learn how to measure the success of your posts.

My training 'Revive your Facebook fan page' can be taken either online via Skype or Zoom or offline, meaning at your cafe or coffee shop, if you're living in Germany*.

*Additional travel costs may apply.

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