Podcast episode #3: How to deal with challenges within your coffee business

We all are facing them at one time or another, in our personal lives, but especially when owning a business: I'm talking about struggles, obstacles and challenges.

When starting your coffee business, you might not have many people to talk to about your upcoming coffee adventure. No one seems to know, what you're going through and tells you what to do and how to do things.

But, what can you actually do, when the first challenge hits you and your coffee business? How can you adjust? 

In this 3rd episode of 'Adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' Gwilym and I are talking about struggling and facing challenges within Prufrock. 

He admits, that being hit by challenges can make you feel very lonely, in fact... 

That at some point, you're even asking yourself why you didn't think of the things, you all of the sudden seem to lacking knowledge about, right in the beginning....?

But, there's hope!

Gwilym shares some great advice for the listeners how to deal with challenges and what you can do when struggling, e.g.

  • reaching out to likeminded people and widening your network
  • getting business advices from mentors and business consultants
  • hiring staff members that add knowledge to your coffee business
  • and many more!

This is episode #3 of a podcast mini series of 6 episodes in total, where I'm talking to Gwilym Davies, Co-owner of Prufrock in London, World Barista Champion and World Coffee Events Head Judge about success and successful coffee shops.

How are you dealing with challenges within your coffee business? What do you think about Gwilym's advices? Let me know in the comments below!

Links mentioned in this episode:

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