Podcast episode #10: How to do Blogging for your coffee business the right way

 How to start a Blog for your coffee business and the 5 things to keep in mind, when writing for your readers.

Episode three in the series about making your coffee brand visible online is about Blogging

I know, that a lot of you, especially the roasters among you, started Blogging for their coffee businesses or are thinking about writing Blog articles.

If you want to not only write your Blog articles, but also attract potential customers to your coffee business, then this episode is for YOU!


You will learn about the 5 steps to keep in mind, when writing and promoting your Blog articles. Yes, you read that correctly, writing your articles is only half of the job...!

The 5 steps are:

  1. Why you actually need to start Blogging for your coffee business and what it can do for you and your business.
  2. Preparation: These are the things to keep in mind, before you start Blogging.
  3. Content Creation: Why creating great content and addressing your readers is KEY here.
  4. The actual writing part and how to write Blog articles that are read and not only scanned.
  5. Promoting your Blog articles. I mentioned it briefly, share your Blog articles! This step is about how and where.

I'm sharing some ideas of possible Blog content in this episode. If you want to have more ideas, get my cheat sheet to this episode, by clicking the link below.

This episode is also for you, if you are sending out newsletters to your customers and doing email marketing!

Listen to this episode, if you want to learn how to make people signing up for your email list with writing Blog articles.

Do you have a Blog? Share the link to your recent Blog article below, if you like! This is a great way to get more awareness and reach, as well, by the way! ;-)

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