Podcast episode #11: How to find the right target audience for the social media pages of your coffee business

 Be successful with social media by finding the right fan target audience for your coffee business.

Episode four in the series about making your coffee brand visible online is about a topic, I can't repeat often enough.

It's something you as the owner of your cafe or coffee shop or your roasting business, should get your hands on, right in the beginning, when thinking about doing Social Media for your coffee business.

And that is, finding your fan target audience.


Finding the right people you want to attract to your fan pages on Facebook and/or your Instagram account.

In this episode you'll learn about

  • how to find out more about your customers as well as
  • which of your customers are the ones you want to attract to your fan pages on Social Media and how.
  • How to turn your customers into your fans & followers,
  • and how to effectively talk and engage with them on Social Media.

This episode is also for you, if you're struggling to find the right fans & followers or are wanting to attract more people to your Social Media pages.

Learn why it is crucial to not only attract those people to your fan pages, but also to engage and build a relationship with them, if you want to turn your fans & followers into potential customers.

What do you know about your fan target audience? How does that help you create your Social Media content? Share in the comments below!

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 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' is a podcast by Melanie Boehme of Simel.Coffee. Marketing hacks you don't need to go to business school for.

'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' is a podcast by Melanie Boehme of Simel.Coffee and is airing on Tuesdays every second week. In this podcast Melanie provides Marketing hacks for coffee professionals and their coffee businesses. Often she invites interesting guests from the coffee industry to her show, as well, to share their insights (and maybe some secrets) with you.