Podcast episode #13: How to make Facebook & Instagram work for your coffee business

Jenn Chen, Coffee Marketer from San Francisco, and I are continuing our conversation about Social Media for coffee businesses in this episode 13 of 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast'.

If you've missed the past episode, I'd definitely recommend to listen to podcast episode #12 first and learn about how to start with Social Media for your coffee business.

 How can you make Facebook and Instagram work for your coffee business? Podcast episode with Jenn Chen, Coffee Marketer from San Francisco.

In this episode Jenn and I are focussing on Facebook & Instagram and are trying to answer the following questions:

  • How can you squeeze posting on Facebook and/or Instagram in your busy working days at your cafe, coffee shop or roasting business?
  • What can you do to finding great content over and over again?
  • How can you manage to engage with your fans & followers on those two platforms?

Also, don't miss the best advice - ever - if you want to make Facebook or Instagram work for your coffee business that she shares in this episode!

If you're already working with Facebook for your coffee business and are thinking about doing Facebook Ads, this episode is also for you!

Jenn is talking about how Facebook Ads can not only increase your reach, but also attract the right fans to your coffee business!

How often do you post on Facebook and/or Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Jenn Chen, Coffee Marketer.

Jenn on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Jenn on LinkedIn.

Stats Jenn is mentioning: Social Generations and Network preferences.


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