Podcast episode #14: How to grow with your coffee business. Part 1

Have you ever thought about growing with your coffee business? Have you asked yourself how to actually manage more than one cafe or coffee shop?


The next two podcast episodes are definitely for you then!

I teamed up with two amazing people - Liz Dean, Director of Retail, and Brandon Epting, Buildings Director, from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters in New York City - for the next two podcast episodes of 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast'.

 Liz Dean and Brandon Epting from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters are on the podcast show 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' by Melanie Boehme.

Part number 1 - episode #14 - that you can listen here or download on iTunes or Stitcher is about how it all started with Irving Farm Coffee Roasters.

Learn why and how they made the shift from a 1990ies second wave cafe to the third wave or specialty cafe with multiple stores it is now.

Get insights also on their approach to growing with their coffee business and what a successful coffee business that wants to grow really needs.

If you've ever asked yourself why some coffee businesses are more successful when growing than others, then you definitely have to listen to this episode and learn about why investing in your staff is part of the deal, too!


Part 2 (podcast episode #15) of the show I did together with Liz and Brandon will be airing on May, 9th. Watch out here on my website or sign up by clicking the button below!

Do you think about growing with your cafe, coffee shop or roastery? What are your challenges right now? Share them with us in the comments below!

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Irving Farm Coffee Roasters


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