Podcast episode #15: How to grow with your coffee business. Part 2

Are you facing challenges within your coffee business? Especially since you started planning on opening more than one shop?

Maybe you are wondering what kind of hurdles and struggles you have to be aware of when wanting to grow? And how to still being successful while growing?

This episode is for you then!

For this and the past episode of 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' I teamed up with Liz Dean, Director of Retail, and Brandon Epting, Buildings Director, from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters of New York City.

How to grow with your coffee business (Part 2). Irving Farm Coffee Roasters at 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast'

While episode number 14 was more about what it all needs for growing with your cafe, coffee shop or roastery and how to manage your business, when you want to open more than one shop.

This episode number 15 focuses more on challenges while growing, such as high rents, over all costs, labor and more.

Liz & Brandon share some valuable insights on growth in a tough coffee market such as New York City.

They also talk about what you can do to maintain your identity - making sure, it still is YOUR cafe, coffee shop or roastery while growing - as well as getting the right people on board when wanting to grow with your coffee business.

Get all of the insights Liz & Brandon are sharing in episode 14 and 15 wrapped up in the cheat sheet by downloading it here!

What are challenges that you are facing within your cafe, coffee shop or roastery? Are you thinking about growing but are still struggling about what might come with it? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below!

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