Podcast episode #16: How to build & grow a coffee (farming)business

Are you a coffee professional that is planning on building your own coffee (farming)business?

Are you wondering how to build a sustainable and successful business, not just at the source, but also when working together with distributors, suppliers and coffee roasters as well as coffee shops around the world?

Maybe you already have a successful coffee (farming)business and are now wondering how to grow your business or how to manage to expand to another market?

This podcast episode I did together with Dietmar Vogelmann from Farmer's Blend Coffee is for you then!

 adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast by Melanie Boehme of Simel.Coffee. New episode with Farmer's Blend Coffee. How to build & grow a coffee (farming)business.

Dietmar is a German coffee professional just like me. He is living in Vietnam for many years now, but build his own coffee farming business not until the end of 2015...

In this podcast episode he is sharing his experiences when starting his own coffee (farming)business, as well as some really valuable insights for other coffee professionals that want to open their own coffee (farming)business or that want to expand their business.

Don't miss Dietmar's tips on how to build a sustainable coffee (farming)business right from the beginning, with his very own experiences he made on the Vietnamese coffee market.

As well as what it really needs, when growing with your business, especially when entering a new (coffee)market.

Do you own a coffee farming business? What are challenges within your business? Share them with us in the comments below!

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 adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast by Melanie Boehme from Simel.Coffee. Marketing hacks you don't need to go to business school for.

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