Podcast episode #17: How to make the ultimate coffee (shop) experience of your lifetime

Are you thinking about opening your own coffee shop? A place, where all your passion for coffee, your barista or roasting skills, your heart for your potential customers goes into?

But, you're still not quite ready for that just, yet? Because, you feel you're still lacking that coffee shop live experience? Because, you think, you're not quite there to settle down just, yet...?

How adventurous are you?

How about traveling to the best coffee places in your (or another country) and learn from the best roasters, baristas, coffee shop owners, ... there are?

Sounds crazy? Sounds like something you're totally up to?

Hold tight, dear reader!

This is your chance to make the coffee (shop)experience of your lifetime!

 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' with Josh Littlefield about his coffee road trip through the US in summer 2016.

Josh Littlefield is a young coffee professional from the US-American East Coast. In summer 2016 he traveled his country, one cup of coffee and one coffee place at a time.

In this episode he shares his experiences throughout this 6 months long road trip.

He took over guest shifts at coffee shops, carried coffee bags at roasteries, supported baristas that needed a day off...

Successful coffee businesses

I wanted to know, what a successful coffee business is for him, seeing and working with so many while being on the road.

Josh shares insights about successful coffee places that stood out to him and why you should be standing out with your coffee business as well...

Learn why you should never mix a 2nd wave approach with a 3rd wave approach in your business.

Learn as well, why he suggests to hire people that worked for Starbucks before...

And why he wants you to look beyond your horizon and over to similar jobs within the hospitality industry, such as bartenders and chefs.


Wanna get to know one more young coffee fellow from the US and follow his journey?

Meet Dillon from Homecoming Coffee Tour. He's about to travel Europe by bike! And, I'm super excited to actually meet him on his journey!

Are you planning on traveling based on coffee as well? What's your approach? Let us know in the comments below!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Consultancy Meeko Collective

Great American Coffee Tour

Barista magazine article

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