Podcast episode #20: Why investing in your baristas is profitable for your coffee business. Especially when entering a new coffee market

 Podcast with Andrew Tolley (Taylor St. Baristas and chair of Barista Guild of Europe), 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast'.

Andrew Tolley is not just another Australian coffee fellow living in London. Andrew Tolley is, together with his siblings Laura and Nick, the co-owner of Taylor St. Baristas with now 9 cafes in London and one in Midtown/New York City.

But, it doesn't stop here, and you'll notice how passionately he's speaking about empowering baristas and providing opportunities for them to grow within the specialty coffee industry in the podcast:

Andrew Tolley is the chair and one of the founding members of the Barista Guild of Europe.

And, that's just one of the reasons, why I loved having Andrew on my podcast:

There are hundreds of possibilities and career paths for baristas to turning them into coffee professionals within our global specialty coffee community!

It needs people like Andrew and his siblings to provide the door openers for them.

 Andrew and Nick Tolley in front of one of their shops.

Andrew and Nick Tolley in front of one of their shops.

What you'll learn in this episode:

- Why the relationship to your customers is the key for being successful.

- Why your baristas and investing in their knowledge & skills is profitable for your whole coffee business.

- How to grow your coffee business from within.

- How to train and retain your baristas.

- Why your baristas are the best Marketing you can get to pull customers through your doors.

- Why you should take part in the upcoming European Barista Camp, too!

What's your approach of hiring & training new baristas at your coffee business? Share with us in the comments below!

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Read more about the Barista Guild here and the Barista Camp and how to sign up for the upcoming Camp in October here

Here are more information about CoLab.

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