Podcast episode #21: Why setting the stage for your customers can change your coffee business for the better

 adding some flavor episode number 21 with Kresten Thogersen of Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers of Berlin.

What are you doing, when you're realizing that the city you live in is saturated with great coffee shops...?

Right, you move to Berlin and open that coffee shop over there!

No, just kidding, of course!

But, Krésten Thøgersen of Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers did exactly that!

He brought all the experiences he could get with making coffee, serving people and how to offer great coffee AND food to Berlin and opened his own cafe business.

Krésten is a worker that doesn't want to stand still. You'll notice in this episode a lot, when he speaks about serving people and helping his customers to feel amazing and maybe making them leave even happier than they arrived...


What you'll learn in this episode:

- Why you need to set the stage for your customers to succeed as a business

- Why living your core values doesn't stop with the end of your shift

- How to serve great coffee & food and why this will set you apart

- Why focusing on the food aspect of your business opens up opportunities for staff development 

- Why admitting your weaknesses and reaching out for support is NOT a bad thing.

What do you think about his approach in terms of hospitality? Would you apply that to your own coffee business as well? Let me know in the comments below!

Links Krésten mentions in this episode:

Book recommendations

1. Jim Collins, Good to Great

2. Daniel Kahnemann, Thinking, Fast and Slow


Other links: 

Proud Mary Coffee Roasters

Fjord Coffee Roasters


Find out more about Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers here:





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