Podcast episode #24: How to collect feedback from your customers to find the right target group for your coffee business

 adding some flavor episode number 24 with Ruta of Assembly Coffee, UK.

Another wonderful woman from the international specialty coffee scene joined me on my podcast:

Ruta Sasnauskaite, Account Manager with Assembly Coffee in the UK!

I'm sure, you've seen the stunning packaging of Assembly Coffee already helping consumers to find a different approach to aroma, flavor and tasting notes within a certain coffee by illustrating them rather than telling about them.

BUT, this podcast show is not (only) about their packaging, but a lot about getting to know your customers.

This episode is going really into detail about Assembly's amazing insight projects that they do in collaboration with their customers and their business partners.

Ruta and I are talking about their color project as well as about their consumer insight project.

Make sure to listen to this one, if you're still struggling to find the right people for your coffee business!


What you'll learn in this episode:

- Why doing your homework is all about research, especially when you're just starting out

- Why you have to find the right language to help people make their way into specialty coffee

- How to make people excited about your coffees without judging their preferences

- Why you have to know about the needs of your customers to help them stay curious about your coffees

- Why working within specialty coffee is a lot about giving back, too.

Did you do some research for your own coffee business? What was the most surprising insight you could find out?

Links we are mentioning in this episode:

Color project

Consumer insight project

Assembly Coffee

Sprudge article


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