Podcast episode #25: How to spread the word about specialty coffee in a coffee producing country

 Harrysson Neira, Neira Cafe Lab, Lima/Peru in the podcast 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' by Melanie Boehme

Harry Neira of Lima/Peru basically spent his childhood on a coffee farm! He had his first sips of coffee at the age of 3 years, can you believe it...?

But this is how life must be, when you grow up in a coffee producing country, right?

After learning everything about coffee including roasting and farming, Harry started competing in the national barista championships (and won in 2013!), opened his first coffee bar, became a Q grader and is now introducing Lima coffee drinkers to specialty coffee. 

This episode is about Peruvian coffees, the different coffee regions of Peru, the specialty coffee scene in Lima and educating the customers to experience the diversity of those coffees. 

And I get the feeling, he won't stand still until he can put his hands into the whole coffee supply chain in his country, Peru! :-)


What you'll in this episode:

- How the Cup of Excellence can support the specialty coffee industry in a coffee growing/producing country

- How Barista competitions can transform the coffee consumption of coffee drinkers in your country

- How to not only share information about specialty coffee, but sell an experience to your customers

- How to use a challenge and turn it into an advantage for your coffee business by taking the first step towards your customers

- Why you need to be patient with the coffee drinking habits of your customers.

What is your perception of Peruvian coffees? Do you already roast/sell Peruvian coffees? Let me know in the comments below!

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 adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast by Melanie Boehme, Coffeepreneur.

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