Podcast episode #7: Q&A show - Gwilym Davies answers your questions

This Podcast series was set for 6 episodes in the beginning.

But Gwilym and I felt, it would be great to get feedback from our listeners in as well and answer their questions.

This additional episode #7 now, is all about your questions!

Thanks again so much for sending them in!



Gwilym gives insights on how to raise money for your future coffee business and he's not suggesting getting it from the bank!

He shares some interesting facts to keep in mind, when you're planning on running a coffee cart.

We've been also talking about certain evolvements within the specialty coffee and cafe industry, as well.

He suggests to rather promote your brand and the story behind your business than telling everyone how much you spent on your coffee machine.

Eventually it's about the whole customer experience and offering something special instead of only serving specialty coffee.

People will always trust in what you do and how you do it. If you can manage to do it right, people likely will tell about it!

More tips on Marketing & Social Media are in that episode, too!

How did you like this series? Would you like to have more case studies like this on the show?

Links mentioned in this episode:

Specialty Coffee Shop, Prufrock Coffee, London.

Standl 20 and JB Kaffee.

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