Podcast episode #8: How to pimp the website of your coffee business

 attract more customers to your coffee business by improving your website

This is a new podcast series of 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast', 

where I want to help you make your coffee brand to stand out online, to make your coffee brand more visible online.

If you're not only searching for ways to attract more customers to your brick & mortar business, but also to your website, to your online shop, to your email list or to your Social Media accounts or to read your blog. This podcast series is for you!


I want to support you to attracting more customers to your coffee business by doing

- some simple changes on your website,

- a striking newsletter, your customers are waiting for instead of unsubscribing,

- blog articles that your customers love to read and

- Social Media posts that increase your reach and add fans & followers to your pages.

I will be having a co-host for the Social Media show! So stay tuned, it's going to be amazing!

Episode #8 and first one in the series is about your website and what you can do to not only help your customers to connect with your brand, but also to attract customers to your coffee business, meaning, purchasing your products, attending your coffee courses or visiting your cafe or coffee shop.

It tells you, why your website is not only about you, but a lot about your customers, too and what you can do to make them choose you over other coffee businesses out there.

Episode #8 gives you ways to help your customers stay on your website, head to your online shop, read your blog or sign up for your newsletter.

It also gives insights on the importance of your 'about page' or your 'my story page', the first page most of your customers head to, when searching for your coffee business online. 

You'll get tips on how to make the most of your 'about page', too, to actually help your customers stick around by telling them what they can get from your coffee brand!

Let me know your feedback? Are my tips helpful for you and your website?

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'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' is a podcast by Melanie Boehme of Simel.Coffee and is airing on Tuesdays every second week. In this podcast Melanie provides Marketing hacks for coffee professionals and their coffee businesses. Often she invites interesting guests from the coffee industry to her show, as well, to share their insights (and maybe some secrets) with you.