Podcast episode #2: What does it need to open a coffee shop 'business'?

The know how needed of owning a coffee shop is only 20% about coffee... Sounds discouraging, right? 

But, I know, many of you are aware of the fact, that owning a coffee shop is not only about making coffee. It's a lot about efficiency, discipline and all sorts of soft skills.

How can you gain that business knowledge that one needs to open a coffee shop? What does it need to not only have a coffee shop, but a coffee shop business?

In this 2nd episode of 'Adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' Gwilym and I are discussing

  • how it started with Prufrock 5 years ago,
  • what it took to open Prufrock as a coffee shop business,
  • what it needs to open a coffee shop business and he shares some
  • tools and tricks with us how to deal with all this business matter around owning a coffee shop.

Gwilym also shares some great insights on

  • what a having a business buddy can do for your coffee shop business,
  • why he suggests to not go for perfection when opening and
  • what it took him to grow from the 'coffee activist' he has been into the coffee business person he is now.

This is episode #2 of a podcast mini series of 6 episodes in total, where I'm talking to Gwilym Davies, Co-owner of Prufrock Coffee in London, World Barista Champion and World Coffee Events Head Judge about success and successful coffee shops.

What are your experiences as a coffee shop business person? Share them in the comments below!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Specialty Coffee Shop, Prufrock Coffee, in London.

Andrew Tolley, Coffee Shop economics.

Anita Le Roy, Monmouth Coffee.

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