Podcast episode #6: How to attract customers to your coffee business

"You get the customers you deserve!" 

This quote of Gwilym Davies explains the necessity to not only know who your customers are, but also to know about your coffee business culture and what's going on behind the curtains of your cafe, coffee shop or roastery AND when it comes to serving your customers.

But, in current times, when more and more coffee businesses open their doors, how can you manage to attract customers? 

Are you creating an environment, yet, that is offering a great customer experience? Are you seeing your coffee business from the customer's perspective, yet?

This last episode in the series about success and successful coffee businesses of 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' focusses on a question that many coffee business owners out there are struggling with - how to get people coming to their cafes, coffee shops and roasteries.

The thing is, it is not just about widening your menu and hosting cuppings & tastings, tells Gwilym in this episode...

It is about understanding that your customer is at the core of your coffee business.

It is about looking inside of your coffee business, too. The behavior and communication between owner and staff and among your staff members and baristas as well as to your customers.

If you can manage to translate that to your customers and by creating a great environment, people will talk about that to others and attract even more customers to your coffee business...

This is episode 6 of a podcast miniseries of 6 episodes in total, where I'm talking to Gwilym Davies, Co-owner of Prufock Coffee in London, World Barista Champion and World Coffee Events Head Judge, about success and successful coffee businesses.

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