Podcast episode #1: What does it need to be successful with your coffee shop?

Success. We all think about this term a lot. Not just as coffee shop owners, but also as part of a society, where success mostly is associated with making money.

But, can there be more to success than profit? Can there be more than these expectations of making as much money as possible, when having a coffee shop? 

In this podcast mini series of 6 episodes in total, I am talking to Gwilym Davies, Co-owner of Prufrock, one of London's first specialty coffee shops; World Barista Champion and World Coffee Events Head Judge about success and successful coffee shops. We will be discussing some really important questions in this and the upcoming episodes:

What is a successful coffee shop all about?

What does it need to be successful?

How important is a vision for your coffee shop?

Why do you need to have a concept for your coffee shop business?

What are possible struggles within your coffee shop business and what can you do about them? 

Why are your customers the most important people within your business?

What strategies can you set up to attract even more of them?

and many more...


In this very first episode, Gwilym shares some great insights on

  • what success is for him (and it is not just profit),
  • why he suggests to rather invest in your staff than making money in the first place and
  • why it was a fault of him, not writing everything down from the beginning...

He also gives a

  • step-by-step plan on how to set up an own successful coffee shop and
  • stresses the importance of you, as the coffee shop owners, being leaders to everyone within your businesses.

How did you like this episode? Do you have any questions? I appreciate all of your feedback! Just comment in the comments section below!

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Specialty Coffee Shop Prufrock Coffee in London.

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