Podcast episode #5: Why it is important to know your customer

Your customer is the most important person in your coffee business!

If you break it down, he or she is not only the one to buy your coffee and everything else you offer in your cafe, coffee shop or roastery, but he or she is actually paying your bills!

The thing is, many coffee business owners try to be too many things to too many people, when they start. Even worse, as Gwilym mentions in this podcast episode, they hope to change the lives of their customers (to be)...

But, what can you actually do to get to know your customer? How can you find out more about them, if you don't want to be snooping around on their Facebook profiles or search their credit card data?

In this 5th episode of 'adding some flavor | a coffee marketing podcast' Gwilym and I are talking about why it is so important to understand your market and especially the needs and wants of your customers.

Gwilym again has been really honest in this episode about his experience within Prufrock. He not only suggests to be as specific as possible when finding the right customer group for your cafe, coffee shop or roastery, but also to satisfy the needs of your customers and not your own.

He also gives some valuable insights from Prufrock and its customers how they found out about different customers coming at different times during the week and how they adjusted to that with their service.

His main suggestion is to get to know you customers. What can you see? Who is coming to your coffee business? How do they want to be served? 

This is episode #5 of a podcast miniseries of 6 episodes in total, where I'm talking to Gwilym Davies, Co-owner of Prufrock in London, World Barista Champion and World Coffee Events Head Judge about success and successful coffee businesses.

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