Training Sessions with me

My training sessions can be taken either online via Skype or Zoom or offline, meaning at your cafe or coffee shop, if you're living in Germany*.

The training sessions are 60 min up to 120 min depending on the topic and the time needed to work on things or implement amends on your website/Social Media pages.

The sessions can be taken alone or together with your team.

My training sessions are for you,

if you want to learn new things that will help your coffee business to grow, to attract customers and to raise awareness. 

They're 'hands on', that means, you benefit the most of my trainings, if you already have a coffee business, a website and/or Social Media pages that we can work on together.

These are practical trainings with things to work on right away, no boring power point slides and a lot of theory that doesn't have to do with your daily business.

Send me an email to learn more!

*Additional travel costs may apply.

Training sessions tailored for your needs as a coffee professional. Book them at

Training sessions

60 min Trainings

  • SEO only training -> Your result: Finding relevant keywords for your Business, where and how to use them. 60 min.

  • Newsletter/E-Mail Marketing -> Your result: How to get subscribers and how to keep them. Turn subscribers into customers. 60 min.

  • Blogging -> Your result: Blog articles that are read. How to do successful Blogging for your coffee business. 60 min.

  • Facebook Fan page Training -> Your result: More fans and more reach. How to use Facebook and make it work for your coffee business. 60 min.

  • Instagram Business account Training -> Your result: More followers and more reach. How to use Instagram and make it work for your coffee business. 60 min.

  • Turn fans/followers into customers -> Your result: Strategy for attracting customers,  especially for businesses that have an online shop or online offer. 60 min.

  • Media Kit for coffee businesses -> Your result: Media Kit including a press release template tailored for your business and ready to send to journalists. 60 min.


120 min Trainings

  • Online Training (includes SEO, 'pimp your website', Google my business, rating sites) -> Your result: More visibility for potential customers and being found online. ca. 120 min.
  • Social Media Training -> Your result: Working on a Social Media strategy for your coffee business. Crafting your first successful campaign, e.g. for selling a product, for raising awareness. ca. 120 min.


All of these training sessions can be combined.

If you're interested in the training sessions, send me a message via email to learn more.