The whole (coffee) story

To be honest, I started drinking coffee not until my late twenties. I just didn’t like the taste. Now I know why.

Back then I just started working in Marketing; my first job after my studies was with Nintendo Germany. Pretty awesome, right? You tend to get asked, if you’re playing video games all day quite often. As far as I can tell, no, you don’t! Instead I was taking care of marketing campaigns for video gaming consoles and games. Not that bad either, I know.

The coffee I drank at that time, especially while doing my masters in Marketing & Communications, was more a hot milk with a splash of coffee in it, but from time to time, an Italian style cappuccino found its way to my taste buds as well.

A whole different job was waiting for me at Triumph Motorcycles Germany. Online Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations for one of the oldest British motorcycle companies in the world. Classic! For the first time in my career, writing – the press releases at Triumph - became part of my job.

And then, something just happened in 2013. I started exploring the world of specialty coffee for the first time. I just couldn’t stop, I wanted to know everything about it and taste all the different flavors coffee had to offer. Since then classes and seminars in coffee roasting, Sensoring, Barista know how, filter brewing, Latte Art and more followed; I even worked part time as a Barista at a local cafe. I visited coffee events and festivals and whenever I was traveling, be it Belgium, Japan, the UK or my own home country Germany, I was and still am visiting all those specialty coffee places that are popping up like mushrooms nowadays.

In early 2015 I started my own blog. I wanted to write about my new found passion - coffee and its flavors. I discovered that, since I like baking as well, food pairing with cake & coffee is the stuff I wanted to write about and take pictures of my pairings. My logo and the brand name 'Simel' refer to this combining/pairing of flavors. The blog is still live, so if you want to have a look around, here's the link.

2016 now is the year, when I started my own online business - well, you're in it just now -, combining my passion for specialty coffee and my background in Marketing and Communications to support coffee professionals around the globe.